Professional In-depth research & a proven portfolio to stabilize, secure and grow your investments with less stress and effort

What do you get?

Stock and futures analysis

Get email notifications with charts and detailed explanations when the market sets for a big swing move.

Moreover, I share specific trading patterns that I have discovered in my 12 years of trading.

Effective asset allocation

Effective asset allocation revolves around technical analysis, momentum, stage analysis, and market sentiment.

Trade stocks and futures that have the strongest setups for rally or decline.

Support and updates

Receive timely updates on all open trades.

Have questions? Stuck? Email my team and get an in-depth response. In other words, always know exactly what you need to do.

Futures and Stock Research Plans My Trading Philosophy is based on Nobel Prize-winning research

This academic study explains how markets really work. But, most importantly, it shows how to invest more thoughtfully.

Technical Analysis is EASY. But Clear and Accurate Technical Analysis is not! And that is what you get from me. With my expert technical and fundamental analysis, let me cut your futures and stock research. As a result, I deliver trading ideas with the safest, most profitable setups. Moreover, you profit regardless of whether the markets go up or down.

Swing Trading

Swing trading lets you make quick trades over a 3-20 day time frame. Most importantly, you target quick profits without sticking to your screen. Additionally, we are looking for ‘buy and hold’ undervalued stocks. It helps us to build a balanced portfolio. Indeed, a mix of proven strategies generates high returns and minimizes risks.

***Please note, my research is only available to Professional Traders

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