Gia Rodriguez has offered managed accounts service since 2018

The average annual return for this period is 153.24%, with an average floating DD – 16.6%

Gia Rodriguez Trading Strategy

Gia Rodriguez trading strategy is based on deep research of each financial asset. It includes fundamental and technical analysis focusing on government impact, the commitment of trader reports, cycles, Intermarket forecast, insider accumulation, seasonal forecast, etc. Moreover, Gia Rodriguez crypto management looks for opportunities where an imbalance between supply, demand, and inventories (where applicable) may lead to a large price move. Thus, fundamental analysis is used to determine directional exposure. While technical analysis helps determine trade timing: enter and exit positions where extreme asymmetry exists from a risk/reward standpoint.

Gia Rodriguez risk management philosophy is first to protect the principal. To do this, she looks at daily losses in the context of our overall monthly and yearly returns. As drawdowns occur, she tightens up the daily risk. As she produces profit, she allows for larger positions and, thus, greater potential risk and reward. In this way, her biggest down days are typically within her best months. Moreover, Gia Rodriguez has developed her money management formula that helps her to reduce the risks and marginally increase profits.

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