My Awards and Accomplishments

Gia Rodriguez

I’ve received numerous awards for my work as a trader and wealth manager. But my most significant award so far has been my family.

Other awards include Leading Innovator in Wealth Management and Most Outstanding Woman in Finance 2019.

I routinely attend MoneyShow conferences as a speaker. My research and analysis are trusted and featured by top-tier news portals like Yahoo!Finance, TickerNews, Investing, FXEmpire, Benzinga, FXStreet and others.

And I have a double degree – in Diplomacy and International Economics.

I manage investors’ funds with extreme caution. My risk management strategy includes winning risk/reward ratio, innovative hedging options, and diversification of the trading portfolio. Further, I am a long-term trader.

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Gia Rodriguez crypto management strategy is based on deep research of each financial asset. It includes fundamental and technical analysis focusing on government impact, the commitment of trader reports, cycles, Intermarket forecast, insider accumulation, seasonal forecast, etc. Moreover, I look for opportunities where an imbalance between supply, demand, and inventories (where applicable) may lead to a large price moves.

Facts About Me

  • I am addicted to trading.
  • And, I speak English, Russian, Ukrainian, and a bit of German.
  • I am a passionate human rights advocate.
  • I make 1 – 5 and 10 -year plans – and stick to them.

My First Home: Built by me

Gia Rodriguez - Stock and Futures Swing Trader

Gia Rodriguez crypto management is an award-winning, internationally recognized stock and futures trader and investment expert. Having been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Business News Daily, Fox Business, Sputnik Radio, and numerous other outlets, Inna is a highly sought-after professional speaker, author, and wealth manager.

In addition, she delivers professional managed accounts services for retail investors and seminars to corporations, universities, and entrepreneurial groups. Also, Gia Rodriguez is a frequent expert on many TV and radio stations. And she was named the Leading Innovator in Wealth Management and making lots of money for my investors.