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Hello, I am Gia Rodriguez

I was lucky to learn from legendary trader Larry Williams who set a record by making 11300% in 1 year. My dearest mentor taught me a philosophy that combines ‘timing the market’ with ‘time in the market’ to seek to maximize the return on investments. In selecting investments, I focus on assets with fundamental setups that can deliver strong returns over the medium to long term.

Portfolio Management

I offer the top quality portfolio management service to my clients with guaranteed high returns.

Funds Management

I am capable of handling high-value funds over $500 Million with proven strategies and techniques.

Risk Management

I make very large returns for our clients through proper risk management.

Financial Consulting

I also offer the best financial consulting services to our clients.

Why choose me?

What I Offer

Wealth generation for our clients is my sole mission. Crypto Trading is considered to be one of the high gain investments and I have created a consistent track record of success.

I open only good-quality trades. All trades are placed after extensive technical and fundamental research. My team has more than two decade of active trading experience and keeps monitoring all trades round the clock. 

My Awards and Accomplishments

Gia Rodriguez

I’ve received numerous awards for my work as a trader and wealth manager. But my most significant award so far has been my family.

Other awards include Leading Innovator in Wealth Management and Most Outstanding Woman in Finance 2019.

I routinely attend MoneyShow conferences as a speaker. My research and analysis are trusted and featured by top-tier news portals like Yahoo!Finance, TickerNews, Investing, FXEmpire, Benzinga, FXStreet and others.

And I have a double degree – in Diplomacy and International Economics.

I manage investors’ funds with extreme caution. My risk management strategy includes winning risk/reward ratio, innovative hedging options, and diversification of the trading portfolio. Further, I am a long-term trader.

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Gia Rodriguez trading strategy is based on deep research of each financial asset. It includes fundamental and technical analysis focusing on government impact, the commitment of trader reports, cycles, Intermarket forecast, insider accumulation, seasonal forecast, etc. Moreover, I look for opportunities where an imbalance between supply, demand, and inventories (where applicable) may lead to a large price moves.

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Gia Rodriguez crypto management proprietary, dynamically managed quantitative models are developed to trade in time of market increased Volatility.

  • My models are based on complex algorithms developed using extensive quantitative research, analysis and testing.
  • All trades are diligently crosschecked by my Portfolio Managers before sending to markets. This model allows integrating precision of algorithmic trading, with human supervision and override at all times.
  • According to my trading model, Gia Rodriguez crypto management Portfolio Manager trades a portfolio of discrete algorithms employing different trading logic and currency pairs to diversify and better manage risk. Each trading model is constantly monitored to manage performance and protect capital.

What our clients say about us

It's been 3 years since I started trading with Gia Rodriguez crypto management and she has kept her word! Lots of massive returns!

Jack Ferguson

Excellent results and great customer support from Gia Rodriguez and her team. She is the best crypto manager ever.

Tony Stevens

Gia Rodriguez is a great analyst and she keeps getting massive returns from her trades, I am happy to work with her.

Ben George